Winners Betting Explained

The straight winners have always been a type of bet that many describe as “safe” or high chances of winning. The truth is that the favorite has many other ways to favor the punter, they can do win bets but in a totally different way. Most betting punters betting favorites is just to win, but is a crass mistake to see them only as winners. The winners have flexibility, can be exploited otherwise, options are available from qualification to be relegated.

It is statistically proven that in football only 57% of favorites win their matches, but when they are at home is another story. They can earn up to 70% of the matches, especially if they are pressured to recover during the season. Predicting who will be the winner of the season is not an easy task, but you can carefully study the team’s performance in the previous season. The odds at the bookies may be somewhat misleading, it is a strategy used by bookmakers to attract punters betting novices.

How to bet

To choose the winners of the matches or league, it is essential to read all the statistics of the teams. There is no other way, is something that is recommended and is mentioned again and again, it is the only formula. For example, it is very unlikely that the same winning team in the league last season, will be winning again this year. That’s something rarely seen in this second decade of the 2000s. Competition between teams has increased dramatically, and every year are renewing their players lineups.

To choose Outright winners of the season or be relegated teams, it is essential to understand the odds. The bookies offer the best odds for these two types of betting before the season, but also the offer during the current season. The punter should not wait long to take the bet, since the first 12 games of the season can define who will be the winner and who will go to the lower divisions.

Popular types

Winners (favorites): Picking the winner of a match, is the simplest bet. It is not so difficult to choose which team can stay with the victory of a football match or who stay with the season. The difficult thing is to win the bet, that is very difficult. Watch the odds move and expect to be in favor of the punter and not the bookie, it is a simple strategy to follow.

Outright: They are long-term bets, usually to predict the winner of the season or a particular tournament. Some punters seek Outright offers to make bets within the champions league, premier league, etc. No need to use a lot of money for this type of bet, with a few coins will be more than enough.

Manchester City to win Premier League at odds 5.99. If Manchester City wins the Premier League tournament, the punter wins the bet.

To Qualify: is a type of bet where a team has to qualify or go to the next stage of a football tournament. This bet is not available all the time, is for the group stages of any special or for a local football league tournament. Teams must win the match at all costs, or 90+minutes, penalties, etc. Winning in any way to qualify.

To Relegate: as the name says this type of bet, the punter should choose which language or equipment that will be sent to lower divisions will be when the season ends. Almost all the time 2-3 teams in most leagues worldwide, these teams have to go to the second division of the same league.

Each and every one of the above options are intended for use with teams that tend to be favorites in some sort of bet. For example: the favorites qualify more times in stages of tournaments, while other teams struggle to go far in the tournament.