Special Betting Explained

In sport there are multiple options to bet, not everything has to be pick a winner and wait. Every match of football or any other sport, has a minimum of 50 chances bet on each bookie, other bookmakers are offering up to 200 types of bet for a single match. The betting market is large and varied. Special bets have to do with the statistics that are not “normal”, is not the typical goal or a free kick, it is something extra that the punter can use to make money.

The difference between an ordinary bets and special bets, lies in the number of options that they can offer the punters. Common bets tend to be very tangled and confusing. While special bets go straight to the point and avoid the mistake combining bets. It is basically an alternative method of betting. Among the special bets they are: Total Goal Minutes, Total Corners, Total Cards, Team to Keep a Clean Sheet. Each and every one of those special bets are numbers and statistics that happen on the football pitch during a match. Today you can bet on almost anything that happens in a pitch.

How to bet

Find a bookmaker that offers each of the special bets necessary, read each of the rules and conditions established for each bet. The bookies offer several types of special bets, some are exclusively for use before the football match starts and others for use in Live Betting. Everything will depend on the needs and tastes of the punters.

A special bet, as it is the amount of corners, can be somewhat tempting. For example: for the UEFA Champions League, the corners are almost always less than 10.5 for the entire match. Novice punter may think it’s an easy bet to win, but it is not. Football matches in major tournaments usually have good defenses and almost no corners are allowed.

Popular types

Total Goal Minutes: is a type of bet where you add up all the minutes that the goals of the match were made. It is not so hard to understand, if 2 goals are made during a football match, one on the 21th minutes and another on the 12th minutes, the total would be 33. The bookie offers the type of bet to be selected according to the number of minutes.

Manchester United vs. Real Madrid, the bet says there will be more than 150-200 points in goals. The match ended 2-0 and the goals were made in minutes 30 and 40, so the total is 70, the bet wins and multiplied by 80 (150-70). This betting option is only available to selected matches by the bookie.

Total Corners: other interesting for a football match prediction. The bet must be made for the sole purpose of predicting how many corners there will be in the match between the 2 teams. No matter which team makes the most corners, it is important to complete the mark set in the commitment with the bookmaker.

Total Yellow / Red Cards (Cards booking): is a very interesting way to bet, some say it is one of the safest special bets. The punter must indicate the number of points (cards) that exist in the football match. Each card is worth different points, such as the yellow cards are worth 10 points, red are worth 25 points. The red and yellow cards in the most difficult match rarely do exist.

Team to Keep Clean Sheet: This is a bet that is related to the above, the selected team must keep a good record in the football match. The team can not have any card, or yellow or red. If the match ends by suspension, the bet is void and the punter gets his money.

By using special bets, punters should be clear about the purpose of each option. This type of betting is not present in every match, the bookies offer for the most important football matches of the moment.