Top 7 Tips To Betting On Soccer Like A Professional

Soccer is the most popular sport for sports betting and following a few easy tips can help improve winning rates.

Know the Teams

Trying to match all the different soccer teams with the same numbers is pretty hard and most of the gamblers go with the easiest method out there. This method relies on picking random teams and their numbers in the results page of the website. These teams are often chosen on the basis of a simple formula, for example; picking a team with more than two wins and a lower number in the points table. Also, do not fall for random methods such as picking top five favorites and placing them in one single betting slip as there will be many surprises. These methods are the lowest winning bets and will result in poor win rates. Just Bet on Higher Odds. A commonly used betting strategy is to bet a on higher odds options – underdogs, as the potential returns are more interesting.

Know the Players

If you want to win consistently at the sports betting table, you have to know the players. Before you start to bet, familiarize yourself with the big players in the market. Don’t waste your time with some of the foreigners who are less successful. Choose a player or a team that has a reasonable profile and stands out among the crowd. The biggest threat in your betting will be a dud. Focus on Team Strength. The quality of the players alone will not give you a winning edge, especially when you start with a large bankroll. You will be better off betting on strong teams and picking individual players instead of going for teams who share similar strengths. While all teams have players with an eye for goal, some perform better at home.

Know the Competition

Know your competition, the more knowledge you have of them, the better you are at getting a winning result. A team that you know is a strong rival is almost always more likely to give you a loss. When betting on teams, you may only be thinking about a result in your own match, but understand that other teams and players also play against each other. For example, your English team may be playing against Tottenham, and also playing against Barcelona. Know Your Team. What is the nickname of your team? This is the name you can bet on when placing a bet. If the name of your team is not included, you should do the search and see if you can find it online.

Know the Odds

When placing a soccer bet you need to take the odds into consideration. In soccer, an over/under for the match is the key number to consider in your bets. You should use this as an example and remember that the most important figure in a soccer bet is the goal difference. Expect the Odds to Shift Again, the over/under should be the key number when placing a soccer bet, however, as this can be affected by other factors such as substitutions, injuries, fouls and crowd support. Madden has a useful cheat to find out when the odds have shifted and this will help you make informed soccer betting decisions.

Know the Bookmakers

Knowing where to find the best football games is the most important factor. Look for a bookmaker that lists all the matches of your favorite team. Bookmakers will usually offer odds for home games, away games and also the different playoff rounds. Always bet on the main favorites when the odds are appropriate. Many experts have noted that the best bets are on the team with the best odds. Spend Less Time One of the most important lessons to learn from NFL professionals is that they do not bet for more than an hour a day. Many bookmakers also limit bet times for several reasons. First, there is a tendency for bookmakers to lower the odds once they see that customers are regularly playing on their games. Second, this is to avoid incurring more losses in case of wins.

Know the Strategy

Being professional at soccer betting means knowing the best odds for each match and betting accordingly. Most bookmakers will have advice based on information from a host of reputable betting outlets. If one website has certain odds for a certain game, odds from other sources are usually similar. Decide On A Budget. It’s easy to go overboard when making soccer bets. There are some online sites that have impressive graphics and pictures of players. These websites can be great to build a book for in-play betting, but if one is new to sports betting, it may be best to start on a lower budget. It is also important to understand what type of bookmaker is suitable for one’s needs.

Know the Betting Markets

In addition to knowing which sport to bet on, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the betting markets. Often times, a wager is placed on a bet type before the bet is even placed. Know the Opinions of Other People Looking to get a little inside information before placing a bet? Ask a professional how they would bet on your behalf. Not only will this provide you with useful information, but they will be more than happy to provide their insight on a variety of sports. Use Betting Services. There are a variety of ways to place bets. You can use online betting sites and sportsbooks, casinos, and bookmakers at pubs and sporting venues. Use the best site for you and your gaming budget.


The bookmaker sports betting on soccer is considered by some to be the most profitable betting proposition. The three most popular sports in the world, football, horse racing and rugby are played by billions of people all around the world. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world and often it is considered to be the most passionate sport to watch. It is often considered to be boring but it is not without its money making chances. To view a free live stream of the 2018 World Cup click on the link above or below.