Number of Goals Betting Explained

Teams playing at home and teams that face off against others with weaknesses in defense or attack, etc. These are some of the most feasible and viable opportunities that exist to make a bet on the number of goals that can be made in a football match. The numbers of goals rely heavily on the league and tournaments, not in every game more than 2 goals are made, is something uncommon in many countries.

The most competitive leagues, with the strongest teams do not have a lot of goals per match. It is statistically proven that it is. The goals in football matches have 3 main windows, those windows are the minutes during the game where there are more chances that a goal is scored by either team.

The first window is between the 7th minute until 31th, it is an advantage where in some leagues in the world one goal or more is scored. The second window ranges from 38 minutes to 65, the last minutes of the first half and the first 20 minutes of the second half. The third and last window, is one of the most “dangerous”, from 69 minutes to 90+. The last window can change the game if a goal is scored, statistics show that 70% of the goals are made during that timeline

The basic rules

The number of goals will depend on the type of bet selected by the punter. Each type of bet that has to do with the number of goals, have different rules according to the bookie. The most common are betting Over / Under, these bets are the most sought after by punters for use in combination or individually.

A lot of bets and options always have to do with the amount of goals that are made during the match. For bets on Over / Under each goal is more important than the previous and teams must complete the required total bet. Another particular case is Odd / Even where the outcome of the match and the number of goals scored will decide if the bet is a winner or loser.

In the points and margins of goals, the team selected by the punter has to cover a certain amount of goals previously established by the bookie, to win the bet. The points and margins is mostly used when a favorite team faces a less favored or lower quality team.

How to use it correctly

In order to take advantage of the number of goals during a match, the punter has to do a preliminary investigation. The statistics of the league with the most goals per game is available online and is very easy to find. It is best that the punter just make bets with the best odds, some matches many goals are made, while in others it is very rarely done more than one goal.

Some of the countries with the most goals per game (2.5 or more) are: Sweden (B Playoff U21 ), Andorra (2. Division), Denmark (Ligaen U19), Germany (Oberliga Bremen y Oberliga Hamburg), Latvia (1st Division), Mexico (Segunda Division), Estonia (Esiliiga), Scotland (Lowland League), Costa Rica (liga de ascenso), Hong Kong (1st Division). They are the top 10 countries.

In countries with the fewest goals per game (2 or less) are: Albania (1st Division A), Egypt (2nd Division), Tunisia (Ligue), Serbia (Prva Liga), Montenegro (1. CFL), Russia (premier league), Algeria (Ligue 1 y Ligue 2), Angola (Girabola), Morocco (elite 2), Portugal (Campeonato). The mentioned above are the countries and leagues with less than 2 goals per game.

With enough information, any punter can easily take advantage of the number of goals made in a match, the main objective is to overcome some points or to stay below a limit on a bet.


Betting Points: The points a team must complete are based on the number of goals they must score to beat the other opponents. Most times with 0.5 or more, depending on the team and the game situation. If a special tournament or very important match, the team usually press to score the necessary points.

FC Barcelona -1.5 vs.Real Madrid +1.5, the points to be covered are FC Barcelona side who must win the match by 2 goals. Real Madrid must keep a distance of 1 goal, It means not lose by more than 1 goal or win the game for any amount. The betting points are always good for tightest games where strong teams face each other.

Over / Under: For every game there will be a number of goals to be scored by both teams to cover this bet. This type of bet depends heavily on the tournament, the league and the teams. Usually, the bookies offer several options for Over / Under, including: 2.5, 1.5, 1.0, etc. Besides the possibility of choosing an over / under half time to be combined with an exotic option.

MK Dons vs. Manchester City, the total is 2.5. Between the two teams, they should score more than 2.5 goals (3 goals), in case the punter bet the OVER the bet is a winner, but if the match ends 2-0 it’s an UNDER and the bet is a loser.

Total Goals: This is a variation of the Over / Under. The overall goals are offered in some bookies, the bet is to predict how many goals a team will make in the match, it is a single bet per team.

Odd / Even: 80% of football matches in Europe end up with a score of goals odd number. It’s a pretty powerful statistical, but there are games where the importance eliminates any prediction. The most difficult matches where two teams have a history of finishing in a tie or less than 2 goals, is an excellent opportunity to bet. The even numbers can be divided by 2, the odd can’t be divided with the number 2.

West Ham United vs Middlesbrough, the match between the teams ended with 3 goals and punter made an even bet, the bet loses as the number 3 can not be divided with 2.

Half With Most Goals: Other similar Over / Under, but only for halves, and is a way to predict how many goals will be in each half without having to wait for a particular team record a specific number of goals. It’s a little more safe use the goals of a game to make a bet, but you have to check the history of the league and the team before making the bet.

During the football match between Manchester City vs. Bayern Munich in the first half were made 2 goals in the second only 1 goal. The bet is a winner if you choose the first half as half that will have more goals. The odds may indicate what will be the half with most goals.

Winning Margin: It is a kind of similar to the bet points, but the team must win by that exact amount or more. The difference of this bet with the points is that it can prevent the team to “push” the bet.

Marseille vs. Chelsea, home team starts has odds of 1.5 to win by 2 goals difference against Chelsea. The match ends 3-1 in favor of Marseille, the bet is a winner. If the match ended 3-2 or 4-3, the bet loses, as no difference of 2 goals for the win was covered.

Bets with goals, total goals, half or full time are in the top 5 of the most used by punters worldwide. Like any other type of bet, it is always recommended to study statistics and trends of leagues and teams.