How to bet on Tennis

Tennis is a very majestic sport that is required a great amount of strength and coordination in order to withstand the pressure of the game. If you didn’t had that much of a contact with the sport you might be tempted to say that „it’s a super easy to play sport” but I’m afraid that you couldn’t be any more falsely informed in regards of tennis.


If you are playing with your buddies casually, yea, maybe is not that challenging. But in a competition like Wimbledon where the duration of match can be of a few hours, your hands and legs will just kill you for constantly moving them around. Besides all of this, you have to hit the ball also and hold the racket in the hand for the entire period of the game. As i said! It’s very, very difficult sport to play professionally.

But nonetheless it’s pretty popular around the world and there are a few global tournaments that take place each year, with prices that are in the neighborhood of millions of dollars. This active interest for the game, fuels the betting industry also. Last year alone millions of dollars were generated in the online betting industry just on Tennis alone! That’s huge and for some it might represent an opportunity. But how to bet on Tennis? What’s the procedure and what you need to know before you start placing your first bid. Let’s start with the basics.

Choosing a betting platform

Before we can start the fun, we must first look into some options in terms of betting platform. As of now there a hundreds of platform that offer tennis as a betting option, but not all of them are great, as you might expect.

When choosing the platform or platforms, you must look into some key characteristics in order to take them in consideration.

  • payment options – a wide variety of payment options that are supported in your country is one of the best things that a betting website can offer you. Payments are the way you found your account and also withdraw cash from it. If the list of payment services is short, seek another one. This is to avoid future inconveniences.
  • support – if the support for the platform is poor, i will advise you to seek another one. Support is one of those things that you don’t need that often but at the same time, when you need it, it better be good.
  • user interface and general experience – if the website has a terrible layout, no mobile devices support and a badly optimized interface, then find other options.

After picking a betting platform, create an account, top-up your account then you can place your bet.

What are odds?

Odds are basically a mathematical representation of the statistical probability of a particular outcome to happen. The lower the odd, the higher the probability of that outcome to come along. The win is calculated like this: (your stake X the odd ) – your stake.

Betting types

There are a few different betting types that can prove to be useful in certain situations. It all depends on the match. You must be very careful which one you choose, some of them have a lower likelihood that they will happen. Now i will enumerate the most popular tennis betting types found on online betting platforms and give a short explanation for each.

Money line bet

You place an investment in a player to win the match. It’s as simple as that! This is the simplest bet that is and it’s encountered on a multitude of sports, not just tennis.

First set win

Basically you bet on whom you think will win the first set of the game. Again a pretty simple to comprehend bet, nothing fancy here.

Second set win

You bet on whom you think will win the second set of the game. Here you must pay a close attention to the odds, they might give you an insight.

The total amount of games

The bet is placed on a number the sums up the total amount of games the competitors will play until someone wins.

The total amount of sets

Your bet is placed in the total number of sets that you think the game will finish with.

The total amount of tie breaks

You will understand it from the title. You will bet on the total number of tie breaks that you will think the game will have. If the athletes take a low amount of tie breaks and it endures long sessions of game-play, you might have a clue here. Check its past history to see that.

Correct score

If you already gathered a bit of experience in terms of tennis betting, you could try the correct score betting type. This is a little bit complicated and i don’t recommend it for beginners, but it can provide you some nice wins if you do it right.


Tennis betting is a gaming activity that you can do in weekends. Understanding the gaming mechanics could be a little bit difficult at first, but with time you will come to understand it better and with it predict with greater accuracy some outcomes. It may also be of use to check some tennis betting tips as an inspiration, but this should not substitute your game analysis.

Take your time, be patient and the wins will slowly fill your account. But remember to gamble responsibly