How to bet on Soccer

Soccer is the number one sport around the world and we really can see why. Two teams participate in a confrontation on which they need to prevail by scoring the most goals. The first traces of this game date back from centuries ago. With time it suffered modifications and improvements but now it has a completely different set of rules and a somewhat different game-play. Rules that maintain the general order of the game and assure a fair-play evolution of the game in the span of 90 minutes.


Also those rules are very important for those that see the sport as an opportunity to make a few moneys here and there. Rules are really important not only in football, but in general. They set a delimitation line for what is permitted and what is not really allowed. For a betting enthusiast those set of rules help them shape a perfect betting slip that has the potential of transforming itself in cash. But speaking of beating and rules at the same time: How to bet on soccer?

How do you select a match and place a bet that has the potential to earn you some money. That’s a really good question! (i really hope that this is why you are reading this article). Well at first you might think that is confusing, but really it’s not that difficult to place a bet on soccer and i will show you in the following steps.

First step

First you need to choose a provider that suits your needs the best. Online are hundreds of online betting websites, but not all of them can fulfill the needs of the consumers, because of the lack of features. If you didn’t place a bet before and don’t know that to look into in terms of the betting platform, well…i will try to sum up a few main points that you have to look into before creating an account on a website:

  • the usability factor of the interface – If the interface is not user friendly and you think it’s cluttered i will suggest to search for other offers. This is because it can be frustrating at times and you don’t want to waste time in menus trying to find what you are looking for.
  • the support for mobile devices – It will seamen that is not really important, but i must remember you that not all of the time you are in front of a PC and the second computer that you have on you all the time is the mobile device.
  • if it has a mobile app (not mandatory) – Mobile optimized websites are great, but if the platform has a dedicated mobile app the betting experience is more consistent and fluid. This is because the app is developed specifically for that operating system
  • the level of security and privacy – Being that the betting website deal with thousands of dollars on a daily basis, it is crucial that the security and privacy of the user to be top notch. You just don’t want your sensitive information or even bank accounts to fall in the wrong hands.
  • the payment methods available – The grand majority of the betting websites have at least one payment method that is widely available, but if it has more options, the better.
  • the odds that it offers in comparison with the competition – This is not a definitive factor, because the variation of the odds it’s something normal. But you should compare your favorite platforms to see if the difference is that big.

If a platform scores a checkpoint on more than 70% of those mentioned above, then create an account, enter a valid payment method and top-up your account. You will be able to set your first bet.

Second step

Understand the betting procedure. After creating an account you have to access the soccer betting section on the website. Here you will find also other sports if you want to bet on them also, but will focus just on soccer. You noticed that each sport has a few some numbers listed in line, those are the odds and on top there is a 1 and X and a 2, those are the outcomes. Also you might see other betting options.

But let me explain the most popular ones that you will encounter in the grand majority of the betting platforms. I will simplify in the best of my ability the explanations.

  • 1 – means that the first team wins
  • 2 – second team wins
  • X – draw
  • over/under – if the number of goals is under/over by 1 point by the set mark, you loose
  • handicap – if the target score is more/less (depends on the handicap type) by 1 point compared to the handicap, you win
  • correct score – you are imputing the correct score

Third step

Find a few teams that you want to place a bet on. The idea here is that you want to look at teams that have a strong past in terms of overall wins. Also try not to pick teams with odds too high or a large number of teams to add on the slip.

Teams that have a higher odd for different betting types (over 2.0) it means that the probability for that outcome its low. If you place too many teams on the betting slip then the probability of you winning the bets diminished with every extra match you add on the slip.


You cannot expect to see the wins from the first betting slips you place on soccer. Your experience will come with time and the understanding of the betting system will get even more refined then this. Don’t get discouraged if your betting is not stellar from the first try. Invest wisely, with moderation and don’t go overboard (from all the standpoints). Try to have a strategy that you can apply on reach bet you place and also avoid placing bets when you are tired, nervous or stressed. The most productive way of betting is when you are relaxed and calculated all the options, then you can see results.

As i said above, betting takes time, practice and patience. Try to do one thing at a time and don’t get rushed. Good luck!