How to bet on Rugby

We men tend to like sports that are masculine in some shape or form. We like a mixture between strength and most importantly strategy. Those two elements are present in the grand majority of the sport played by men. But this doesn’t mean that the opposite sex doesn’t see interest in those type of sports. On the contrary, there are women that practice sports that are somewhat brutal and require a incredible amount of muscle power like Rugby.


History of Rugby

Before we start to get into more details regarding how to bet on Rugby, we must first understand a bit about the sport in general and its history.Rugby as a sport it’s believed to have its roots in an ancient Greek adaptation of Episkyros. Basically Episkyros was a game played by the ancient greeks and it involved a very well coordinated team of 12 to 14 persons. The game involved a ball and the use of hands was allowed. But even though it was a relatively peaceful game, if we could say that, Episkyros wasn’t a stranger to violence. The brutality of the game is something that we see somehow in our days in Rugby football matches across the globe, so there is a real possibility that the modern game has its inspiration from the Greeks. The name of Rugby comes from the school named Rugby situated in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Rugby saw its birth around the year 1830 then at the Warwickshire School it became common to take the ball in the hand and run with it.

Officially the first game of Rugby that took place between two teams was around 20 years later in 1857. After that event it becomes certain that this game will stay in the culture of the Englishman and also expand beyond their borders. At a very rapid pace, the game becomes popular in the United Kingdom around the years 1950 and 1960. Now it’s one of the most popular types of football on the globe.

How to bet on Rugby

You must know that there are two type of Rugby: Rugby League and Rugby Union. Even though they might have some aspects in common, the games have a different set of rules. But don’t worry, the betting procedure is nearly identical so you won’t have any issues in applying this knowledge. Also the tips that i will share with you here are applicable on the offline and online environment, but for the purpose of this article, will take as an example the online betting platforms and how you can place a bet on them.

1. Choose the platform

First you must choose a platform that checks all the points that interest you or at least checks a decent amount of points. If you are a beginner in the betting space and don’t have a single clue what i’m talking about, i will explain. First you must make sure that the platform is available in your country and it doesn’t have any restrictions. Second you must check the payment methods that they are providing for you to use. Last but not least, you can take a look at the general user experience and navigate through it. See if you like it and if the user experience is good. If all of those main aspects are checked then we can move on to the next part.

2. Betting on Rugby

Now i suppose you’re logged in and have the Rugby section opened. In the majority of cases, betting websites provides you will the both types of Rugby. Let’s say that you will pick Rugby Union. Here are all the different cups that are taking place in that type period. Now choose and event from those listed. There is a possibility that in an event to see a restricted number of team or countries and not versus matches. Let’s say that now you are in a section with a lot of team vs team matches and you see statistics and numbers all around. Now let’s look at the different betting types and talk a bit about each.

Quick mention about the odds

First i advise you to change the odds to a decimal form so you could easily follow along. Also in the decimal form when the odd is closer to 1 that means a higher chance of the outcome to happen, when the odd is a number greater than 1 then the odd is lower in probability. The following bold titles are the different and most popular betting types you will encounter.

  • The win bet: This is the simplest bet to comprehend. You basically select the odd below the 1 or the 2 that are next to the match.
  • The draw bet: Another simple bet is the draw. By selecting the odd below the X you will bid on the match as being a draw between the two teams.
  • Over or under bet: In this case a score is listed in the under and over bet. The score depends on the confrontation. You bet basically on the probability that the score will be smaller or greater.
  • Totals away team bet: The total amount of points that will be marked by the away team. This type of bet can be separated in the first or second hand of the game or for the entire period of the game.
  • Totals home team bet: The total amount of points that will be marked by the home team. In the case of this bet it can be for the first, second half or the entire period of the game.
  • Handicap bet: A certain amount of points are withdrawn from the team’s score. For the team to win, they must cover their handicap and surpass the opposition. Otherwise the bet will be lost.

How do you know which team will win?

Well…there isn’t any short term explanation regarding it, but you can try a few different methods that will increase your probability of winning. First you must look at the team’s past matches and past evolution. Inline on your match or on the internet you can find statistics regarding the past evolution of your favorite team. Based on that data you can draw an idea of the evolution that your team will have in the upcoming match. A few details that you should take in consideration that can help you place a winning bet are: when was the team last match? Is the upcoming match away or at home? Do they had someone injured in the previous match? After you made your decision and become confident on which team to place a bet, just click on the odd you are supporting in this context.

There are odds in the boxes for 1 X and 2. 1 means that the first team in the list wins, x means that it will be a draw and 2 means that the second team will win. Also there are more complicated betting options like: the exact score, the number of faults and so on. Those are advanced methods that will cover maybe on another article, but for now try to learn the basics of picking the winner from the two teams. After the bet is selected it will appear in the betting slip, that is placed somewhere in the right side of the screen. When the bet is in the slip you have to input the steak. The steak is the sum of money that you are willing to invest. The potential win is calculated with the odd X the steak.

And really that’s about it! Now you should know how to place a bet on Rugby in the online space. Also those aforementioned rules apply to paper and pen betting that is taking place at betting shops around the world.

At first there is a small likelihood that you will place a winning bet, this depends on how into you are in terms of the sport. But don’t get discouraged with practice you will get it at some point. But remember to bet responsibly and don’t cross the border of reality.