How to bet on Formula 1

For thousands of years humans had different ways of competing against each other. It was at first something to impress the ladies (in the Neanderthal) and also a exercise of power and strength. Time did what he is known for: passing by and with that different new and innovative ways found their place in competitions. One of those relatively new ways of competing are Motor Sports.


Compared to other sports, Motor Sports are in their infancy, having a history of less than 200 years. The first ever race (competitive race) was taking place in 1894 and in the Olympics, just as a demonstration, the first official race took place in the year 1900. There are different types of Motorsports that we usually come across in betting shops around the world. Each sport having its own interesting factors that makes the spectator interested in a race or a series of races. Even though all of them have in common a vehicles that work with a petroleum based fuel, the racing evolution, the speed and overall dynamics varies significantly from sport to sport. One that note, one of the most popular, interesting and adrenaline filled motor sports its Formula 1.

Why is Formula 1 so popular?

Well this is a pretty tricky question and i don’t think that i have a definitive answer, but if we look at the history of the sport we will see a series of interesting aspects regarding it. The first is the fact that the sport is fairly old, in 1950 was the first Grand Prix, the second fact are the extreme speeds (exceeding 300 km/h) and the last but not least are the rapid pace races. Those factors combined make Formula 1 such a fun an enjoyable experience. But there are some individuals that like to take it a step further and make a profit out of it. How? With betting! Of course!

How to bet on Formula 1?

As of now there are multiple places you can bet on the sport in question, but in the end the betting procedure is the same. In the past you would need to go at a betting shop or at the race to place a bet, now you can do it on the move or right from the comfort of your own home. Now let’s take a couple of minutes and see how you can place a bet and will take as an example an online betting platform (those instructions are working perfectly fine even in a offline betting shop).

In the cast of the online betting platform, first you need to create an account and enter a valid payment method. When choosing the betting website you must look into the online reviews for the platform, the numbers of payment methods that are available and if you can use them, also another important factor is the general user experience and if the platform offers you the ability to play on the go from a mobile device. The mobile usability factor doesn’t seem that important, but trust me, if the experience is optimized for mobile or if the website provides an app, you won’t bet from a PC again.

In terms of betting, this is a general procedure among betting websites, there are little to no variations from betting provider to betting provider. After all of those points are sorted and you are logged in the platform, find the Motor Sports section on the websites. Usually you will find it in the Sports category. Then you have to navigate to F1 or Formula 1, it’s the same thing basically. Right beneath the F1 there is a possibility you will see listed a few subcategories. More precisely you can bet on drivers or car maker but this is just an example, different betting option will appear based on the website you are on. In some cases you will see a collection of different betting options meant to satisfy your needs. Examples: Fastest lap, Winning car, Top 6 finish, Podium Win, Number of qualified drivers and so on. Those are betting options that are available to you in some betting platforms.

Now select one of the options and you will see a list with drivers or cars and some numbers next to them. If you are a beginner i will advise you to first change the odds display (there will be a button on the interface) from fractional to decimal. With decimals it will be easier for you to place bets. Let’s take for example betting on drivers. When you are in this section all the drivers are listed based on the odds they have.

The odd is the probability that the driver will win the race based on past experiences. If the odd is closer to 1, then the likelihood of that driver or team to win the race is high. If odd exceeds the number 1 by a fair margin, then the probability of that driver or team to win the race will be lower. But this is not always true, very frequently you will see drivers with a higher odd place in a top position on the race or even win. Here you must do your research in regards of teams or race drivers. In shorter terms, if you are not a F1 aficionado, you have to look up their past 3 or 4 races, the overall team performance in past championships and if the past races the car had some major problems.

If the evolution of the drivers or the team is not that consistent, then you should re-orientate. Also take in consideration the problems with the car. Even though they will be fixed from race to race, or cars betting swapped, in some cases all the cars of the team can be affected. When you are confident that all those factors were taken in consideration, place your first bet. Click on betting options you want to place an investment on, then in the betting slip your bets will appear. Now you have to input a sum of money for each bet. That sum of money called the steak will be multiplied with the odd, thus resulting in the total potential win that you could gain.

That’s basically it, that’s how you bet on Formula 1. Another tip that i can give you in this context is to watch the race live and place live bets. Why? Seeing the evolution in real time it’s very easy to adjust the bets accordingly. Not many betting websites offer the live stream option for F1, but if they do, leverage upon it. Well friends that’s how to bet on Formula 1. The procedure applies for offline and online betting, but if i were you and had to make a choice, i will pick the online betting experience.

Why so? The flexibility of betting from everywhere and having detailed statistics in front of your face is hard to match. Yea, some betting shops have screens where some stats are listed, but in the grand majority of cases they are linked to football or other sports alike. Also they can provide sheets of paper with odds listed and stats on them and so on, but again, it’s not really an up to date experience.

That’s about it, if you got any questions feel free to comment down below and we’ll make sure to answer them in the most timely manner possible.