How to bet on Baseball

There are a lot of sports that gained popularity in America and rose pretty fast to the status of a national sport. Basketball is one great example, but there is one more sport that is just insanely huge in the State and also gained a lot of popularity lately in other corners of the world: Baseball It’s an engaging sport that needs a lot of physical endurance and also focus. And when you take in consideration the fact that the ball travels at speeds over 105 mph and you have to hit it with a bat at the perfect time, you will start to understand the complexity of it. Betting wise it’s a little bit tricky at first before you learn the terminology, after that you can bet anywhere without hesitation. The explanations that i will give here regarding how to bet on baseball, applies to offline and also online betting. In this case you will pick the medium in which you are the most comfortable. But, before we start to get more into the details of the sport and discuss the betting procedure, let’s take a quick look at the history of the game, to get a better understanding of the origins of baseball.


Quick history lesson: The history of Baseball

Baseball as many other sports around the world doesn’t have a very well drawn out history and cannot be traced precisely from the starting point to current times. This is due to many factors, but in principle is due to the lack of precise documentations and written testimonies. Also even if there were such things, must likely they were lost with time. But moving on, back in 1344 a cleric was illustrated playing a game that is at some degree similar to baseball, the experts think it’s Le sole (distant relative of Baseball?). Upon later examination it is believed that the game originated in England and because the Englishman migrated towards America, they brought the game with them.

It is believed that the games of Stoolball played an important role in shaping the sport and also “Tut-ball” had somewhat of an impact. The earliest reference to the sport was made in the year 1744 in England. In general the game seemed very similar to the Baseball that we see today, but it had some differences in terms of the field shape. In America the first reference was made for an early version of Baseball called Bat and ball around the year 1791 and by the year 1830 already the game was played around North America. Baseball started to be very popular in the early 1900’s and also in that period betting started to become a thing. Now that you know a bit about the background, the next question is: How do you place a bet on Baseball?

How to bet on baseball?

Step 1: Pick the online platform

Before we start to discuss the betting procedure regarding this sport, you must first choose an online platform on which you want to start betting. If you already have an online betting platform that you like, skip the first step. In an online betting platform you must look after a few factors that are necessary in order to have a seamless betting experience. More precisely I’m talking about the payment options available and also the general user experience. If there are a large number of payment services available and the user experience is enjoyable then creates an account.

Step 2: Types of betting and the odds

Now navigate to the Sports section then select Baseball, here in some cases you can select the region on which the matches are taking place and the tournaments. Also on top of the odd there is a 1 and a 2. The 1 means that the home team will win and the 2 means that the away team will win. In order to make sure that you are somewhat informed regarding the match and place a smart investment that has the potential to earn you a few $, click on the stats button next to the match (most of the betting platforms has it displayed as 3 bars or a graph). Here you will see the last confrontations of the teams and the general progress regarding each team in this season. This is just a quick preview so you can form a general idea, if you want to get more in depth with it, then you have to watch a few gameplays to see the teams players and how they are performing in the match.

Now let’s take a look at the betting types:

  • The win bet: You select the odd for the team that you think it will win the match. This is the simplest type of betting and the one that most of the time returns the investment.
  • Draw bet: The bet is placed on the idea that both teams will have the same score at the end of the match. The draw is the odd below the X.
  • Over or under bet: The betting website will set a margin, if you bet for your favorite team to score over the margin and they do, you win. If you bet under, and they are situated under the set margin, you win also.
  • Exact score bet: Here you will have a wide variety of exact scores, you have to select that one that you think will be the final outcome of the game.
  • Handicap bet: A set number of points is removed from the teams score. In order for the team to win they must have a larger number of points then the opponent, after you withdraw the points mentioned in the handicap.

After the odds are selected you will see them in the betting slip. The betting slip generally is placed somewhere in the right side of the screen. Here you can see all the bets and some general options like accept odd changes or single, accumulator betting types. Then you have to place the bet and basically that’s it, a bet has been made. If you win the bet a notification will appear in your account and the money will be nearly instantly transferred in the account balance. In large that’s how to bet on baseball, now all that remains is for you to practice and learn along the way. If the first bets are not won don’t despair, with time you will get better at it. Also for beginners, it is advised to start with small sums of money. In this way you will not lose enormous amounts and also makes practicing way less stressful.

The same principle applies to offline betting also. But in the case of offline betting the statistics are sometimes not that precise (often they are displayed on sheets of paper and doesn’t offer you granular control on which stats you want to see, like online platforms). If you got anymore questions regarding baseball betting, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Also it will be very helpful if you share this article with a friend of yours in need.