Goal Score Betting Explained

Each team has a special player, that player who scores the most goals per match. Some teams have the best players in the world, and those players stand out not only to score, but makes his team to become winner and the first to complete any bet. The advantage of this type of bet on the like, is on the way that matches and teams are chosen, all based in the lineup or the ranking of players of any team in particular, is a more individual search by player than by team.

To start making bets on how many goals a player can score in a match, the punter has to be well informed about the sporting life of that particular player. It is very important that the player is completely healthy, and if possible his personal life is balanced and he don’t have any problems on his mind. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s true, the mood of a player can influence a lot about their style of play.

The best players in the world usually score between 10 and 15 per season hat tricks, that’s an average of 36 goals only counting the hat-tricks. Elite players have the best brands of goals per year. Among the best: Lionel Messi with 57 goals (2015), Cristiano Ronaldo 52 goals (2015), Sergio Aguero 35 goals (2015), among others.

The basic rules

For goalscorer and its various options, there will be different rules. Each bookie offer the options to the punter decision, not everyone has the same odds for the offer options in the goalscorer market. This type of bet is very versatile, although it does not seem to be. The goalscorer may be from the full time or halves. In addition, you can bet on which team will score first, which team will be the first goalscorer, hat-trick, etc.

The goalscorer typically finishes a match with 2 goals or more, it is very rare to see a hat trick in every match. The hat tricks usually appear in 3 out of 10 matches. Players do not have to make a number of goals defined, only by keeping their record as goalscorer of the match, no matter if he only makes a single goal, or scores 2 and another player scores one.

The easiest way to understand each option is reading the description in the bookie. A bookie could define, according to their terms and conditions, how will the bet type for goalscorer of the match, some bookies require the player to score more than one goal if necessary. The punter should pay attention to those details to avoid losing money.

How to use it correctly

To get all options related to goalscorer, you need to go to the bookies that offer the best odds. Favorite teams have the worst odds at the bookmakers, almost none is profitable if you want to make a bet with goalscorer. Although always exist best odds between bookies.

The best chances are in matches where a team has to do everything possible to win. Another good opportunity is located when a team plays at home against a team that has not had any luck or good results during the season.


Goalscorer: As explained above, the player chosen by the punter, must finish the football match being the leading scorer of goals, regardless of the amount. If the match ends with 1 or 2 goals, it does not matter, as long as the player that is selected has scored the most goals. Other players can score, but can not tie with another player.

Diego Costa with 2.30 odds to be the goal scorer of the match, he is the favorite player among the 22 that will play in the football match. The match ends 2-1 in favor of Chelsea and Diego Costa scored 2 goals against Everton 1 goal. The bet is a winner.

First Goalscorer: It’s somewhat a risky bet, the punter should choose who will be the first player to score during the football match. Regardless of the outcome, the player selected to be the first to score a goal at any minute of the match. It is a best bet when you know there will be a stranglehold by any of the two teams.

Leverkusen vs. Bayern Munchen, the bet is for the player Robert Lewandowski 2.50 odds (Munich), the player must score the first goal of the match, regardless of the minute. If he can not score the first goal and another player makes it, the bet loses.

Last Goalscorer: is another type of bet with some risk. The punter must be very accurately when choosing the player to score the last goal of the match. It is almost a lottery, it is very difficult to know who could score the last goal. This betting option has high odds, who pay large amounts of money.

Team to Score First: This version is for the whole team, not a single player. Selected team must score the first goal of the match, whether the match is a draw or the team loses. It is much safer to choose which team scored the first goal, instead of choosing a single player.

Blackburn Rovers vs Celtic Glasgow, the bet indicates that Celtic will be the first team to score the goal by 2.30 odds. 71 minutes making the team (Celtic) scores a goal, but the match ends in a draw 1-1. The bet wins, as the Celtic scored first and the outcome of the match does not matter.

First Team Goalscorer: This option for the goalscorer, is to choose who will be the first player to score a match on a particular team. If two teams are are facing, the punter can choose among players from each team who scored the first goal from the players. the better the player is not necessary, only need to score one goal for the team selected and already.

Tottenham vs. Leicester City, the bet is that Ben Chilwell (Leicester) score the first goal of the team with odds 2.70. The match is 3-0 after 87 minutes and Ben Chilwell scores a goal to end the match 3-1. The bet is a winner, regardless of the total score or match result.

To Score a Hat-Trick: This bet is very simple to understand, the player must score 3 goals (hat-trick) to win the bet. Regardless of the order of goals or if the team loses. It is not so difficult to choose a player to score a hat-trick, you just have to choose the right momentum and match for this bet.

Time of First Goal: other goals bet that has much to do with luck. Although statistics say in which time windows of a football match can get a goal. It is difficult to predict exactly which time window the goal shall be scored.

Betting on goals made during a match is one of the best ideas a punter can have. It is a viable option and causes much less stress than others. No need to wait for a team to win or complete a certain number of points, goals or other to win the bet.