Correct Score Betting Explained

Predicting the outcome of a football match sounds difficult, but it is not. Actually, it is something that can be easy if you can read the statistics correctly. A correct scoring comes with huge profits for the punters. You need to understand that each match can not be an option to take correct scoring bets, will be very few opportunities during the year, maybe 2-5 month. Bet small amounts to not risk much, this bet is almost a lottery, but with more chances to win.

The bookies always show the opportunities in the odds. For example, if a football game between two teams have a chance to finish 1-1 shows the odds will be 2.50 or less, the bookmaker offering odds based on statistics and possible scenarios. The punter has to be ready to find those odds that can tell him where the opportunities are, read the statistics and analyze everything.

How to bet

Statistical analysis will play an important time to make a bet on correct scoring . There is no way to win a correct score bet on a random way, it would be a waste of time and money. The best opportunities are in matches where two powerful teams, or teams with good defenses face, most of these football matches end in a draw or a slight difference of 1 goal. The bookmaker will display all possible options with the best odds for each.

Reading the odds may be another point in favor of the punter. The bookies show odds for each possible outcome and will be shown from 1-10 options, for example: 1-1 odds 1.80 2-2 odds 2.20 3-2 1.90 odds, etc. While the odds are lower, the greater the chance that the result for the match as saying by the bookie. The study also analyzes the punter on that match, if not shed reliable results, the punter should avoid that bet.

Popular types

Correct Score: is a very tempting bet, a bet type which is considered as “special” as their chance of success is only 30%. The punter must choose among several options offered by the bookmaker about what the exact outcome of a football match (or any other sport). The bookies usually offer a wide range of possible outcomes.

Everton vs. Chelsea, the bet is 2-2 with 2.52 odds. The first half ends 1-1, there are good chances to score more goals, the end of the match is 2-2. The punter wins the bet with that prediction. It’s that simple.

Scorecast: This is another option of the correct score mixed with the first goalscorer. The bet is to predict the correct score of the match and who will be the first player to score a goal in the match. In some bookies, this bet becomes a double similar to the Asian handicap, but very rarely seen this type of modality.

Real Madrid to win 2-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo to score the first goal of the match. The match ends exactly that way, the bet will be a winner. If Real Madrid won the match 2-0 and Cristiano Ronaldo did not scores the first goal, the bet is lost.

The correct score betting is an option, it is entirely feasible and acceptable to invest money in this type of bet. The bookmaker always provide high odds for this type of bet, it’s best to look for a bookie which offers the option of dividing the Scorecast bet and have acceptable odds for the correct score. It is not necessary to bet daily with the correct score, only when there are good opportunities.