Asian Handicap Betting Explained

The Asian handicap is one of the most sought betting options today by punters, is very famous as it provides protection for money in every bet. It is a versatile and full of endless opportunities option, all football matches have the option of Asian handicap available. In some bookies it is not available in any way this bet, for reasons and own decisions of the company that operates the bookmaker. The other bookies that do offer the service, have been introduced more options related to Asian handicap to give the punters much more freedom.

The approach with the Asian handicap must be very carefully, even though it is a very common type of bet today, the punter must be careful when reading the options. The Asian handicap tends to be confusing for punters novice, as this type of bet is what they call “2 bets in 1”. The bet is divided into options and if the punter does not understand the selected option he may lose the bet and suffer frustration for the mistake.

How to bet

The Asian handicap requires patience to understand all the concepts related to this bet. The first thing to do is to study all the different Asian handicap tables and options that are available on the Internet. This type of bet puts the punters money divided into two parts, It means the punter is making two bets on one. It is not difficult to understand, you just have to be careful.

In the Asian handicap over / under you can find different scenarios that can be somewhat complicated to understand. The first can be OVER (2, 2.5) and the second could be OVER (2.5, 3) (for another match of football, not the same). The first option is 2 bets over which must be completed as follows: push = 2 goals, 3 goals = both bets win. In the other option must complete: 3 goals = win (2.5) and push (3), but if they reach 4 goals, winning both options.

Popular types of Asian Handicap

Full Goal Handicap: This type of option offered by the Asian Handicap is one of the most popular, has become so popular that some bookmakers no longer offer within their services. It is to make a team complete a certain number of goals after the match is finished to win the bet, or otherwise, to maintain a certain goal difference to win the bet. If the match ends in a draw, the bet is push and get your money.

Lyon vs. -1 Monaco +1, both teams must complete the required goals, Lyon must win by 2 goals and Monaco should not lose the match. The match ends 2-0 in favor of Lyon, the bet wins (lyon -1). If the match ends 3-2 is a push for any of the 2 teams. Also it is known as Draw No Bet.

Half Goal Handicap: It is an option that can help punters to win at times when a goal during the football match can change everything, should be full goal handicap. Half Goal 0.5 adds to the handicap goals for a team. The team selected by the punter must complete one more goal to win the bet.

Hamburger -1.5 vs. Hertha Berlin +1.5, the home team must win by 2 goals and not let the other team approach in any way the outcome. If the match ends 2-0 (any result that has a difference of 2 goals), the bet wins (hamburger). If the match ends 2-1 or draw, the bet loses. The distance to keep Hertha Berlin to win the bet is 1 goal.

Goal Handicap Quarter: This type of option is 2 bets on one, as mentioned earlier in the concept of Asian Handicap. It is not so difficult, you just have to understand how it works. If a team has an AH (Asian handicap) of -1.25, must complete two phases to win, the first being scores a goal (-1) and the second end to complete the -0.25 (scoring another goal). If scoring a single goal and the match ended 1-0, half of the bet will be returned and the other half is lost. It is advisable to study the table of full goals.

Milan -1.25 vs. Inter Milan +1.25, if the match ends 2-0 in favor of Milan, the bet wins. If the match ended 2-1, bet on Milan lose half the money and bet on Inter Milan win. As Milan won by a single goal. You just have to have patience to ““ understand each of the options in the Asian Handicap table.

The advantage that the Asian Handicap can give punters, is huge. constantly considering options to take as many points as necessary.