1X2 Betting Explained

1X2 It is the classic bet type that is used around the world. All punters must know this bet, it is easy to understand, but has some variations or combinations that can be very helpful. How to use the 1X2 depend greatly on the punter, when using it the punter must know how to take advantage over the bookies.

In football the 1X2 is widely used, it is the most common type of bet for that sport. The odds on the 1X2 are leading in most bookmakers, it is the first type of bet that is shown to the punters. Basically it consists of choosing the winner or a tie for a football game. The options available to the 1X2 are mixable, also they can be used in various methods and betting systems that have become very popular today.

The fastest and easiest way to use the 1X2 is reading and understanding all the rules and examples that exist on this bet to avoid making mistakes when looking for a football game.

The basic rules

The punter must clearly understand the 1X2. In this type of bet the odds of winning and tie are shown in a simple way. The number 1 (one) represent the home team or favorite, usually the lowest odds. X (X) represents the tie between the two teams, no matter how many goals or playing time, the match has to end in a draw to win the bet if X is chosen. The number 2 (two) have the representation odds for the visitor or opposing team, they are the highest odds (most times) in the 1X2.

Each mode of 1X2 has different types of rules, but to understand the most basic rules, you can read the different rules for other combinations of this bet. An example (below you can see a detailed explanation) of a different way of this bet is the X2 (X and two), it means that the opposing team to tie or win.

How to use it correctly

The most basic version of 1X2 must be used according to the needs of the punter. Although this type of bet is offered in most bookmakers, in reality it is not the most used. But, the variations and combinations of 1X2 are used much more than the classic version.

By using this type of bet you should consider the odds. Each bookie offers different odds, the punter should always seek the best odds to get as much money as possible.


The classic or simple: the type of bet you all know, 1X2 for full time. Both teams started the match with odds set by the bookie, the home team is always the favorite and therefore have the lowest odds. The tie bet will be represented by X (X) and the number two (2) provides the odds for the visitor or underdog team.

(1) Sunderland 8.25 – 4.95 X (draw) – (2) Arsenal 1.33. As you can see in this simple example, the odds and teams appear on a single line showing the top 3 odds for the match between Sunderland and Arsenal.

Half time: It is the same kind of bet for the 1X2, but only count the first time or the second part of the match. It all depends on what the punter picks in the bookmaker. This same option has the other combinations or variations of 1X2.

Double Chance: This one of the most interesting option for punters offered by 1X2. The double chance is to make a kind of “safe bet” one of those bets that shields punters money. When making a Double Chance bet, the punter has the chance to win the bet if the selected team wins the game or the match ends in a draw. Two options to win a game in a single bet. In the double chance it is also possible to bet on any team wins and no tie.

Manchester United vs. Burnley (1X2 = 1.17 ““ 6.40 ““ 17.50), both teams already have their odds for the classic 1X2, but the bookies offer odds different for the Double Chance. In the double chance the odds are as follows: 1X 2.90 (Manchester United or Draw), X2 (Burnley or Draw), and then 12 (any team wins). It is very easy to understand, Double Chance is a kind of accumulator for the 1X2.

To win Both Halves: In football matches there is a type of bet where a team must win both halves of the game. It is fairly simple to use, the punter must predict which team wins both halves and scores. If the match ends in a draw, the bet loses, the selected team must win both halves for the punter to win the bet.

Liverpool vs. Chelsea, the bet options are 1 WBH and 2 WBH, the one number represents Liverpool and number two is for the visiting team (Chelsea). If one of the halves is 0-0, the bet is lost. any kind of tie is not allowed.

The bookies always offer combinations to use with the 1X2, not only those mentioned above. The punter must be up to date on the concepts of each possible combinations and bet types for use with the 1X2.

The 1X2 betting will always be the favorite type of bet for many punters, it is the simplest of all and do not need much mathematical calculation. Simply choosing the best odds on the favorite bookie, the punter will have one of the best types of bet. The approach with the 1X2 by the punter, it is with respect and accurately. The bookies offer nice 1X2 odds to deceive or seduce the punter, especially in the X (draw), odds that are very tempting, but can endanger the bet and all the money from the punters.

The simplest strategy that can be applied with 1X2 is to use combinations with the best opportunities and odds. For example, if there is a match in a UEFA Champions League, where team A has everything to win against the team B, the punter should use the options that pay more money or safest one (double chance, to win Both halves, etc).